Young Learners

Young Achievers (5-13 years) We understand limitations of school learning. Our enjoyable courses will nurture your child’s interest in the English language. Through interactive lessons we will develop your child’s literacy and social skills helping them to speak with confidence.

We are committed to providing primary learners between (5-13 years) with a structured English language learning pathway that will support your child in the process of reaching his or her full potential in a stimulating and safe environment.

On our young learner courses we use innovative methods to encourage learners to speak as much English as possible and ensure that language learning is a fun and educational experience. We offer a skills based course which uses both a course book and a story book to engage your child and capture their imagination. The course book is designed to provide a structure to the lessons – with skills, grammar and vocabulary focus. We use a graded reader on our courses to encourage children to read at home, learn new vocabulary and improve their reading skills. Each section of the book is used as a springboard for further language work. Your child will also maintain a reading log.

Six levels - 60 sessions each.
Regular Course - two hours once in week for a year.
Summer Project - Conducted from March till June.

High Flyers (14 to 19 years)

High Flyers is a complete course to prepare you for Study,work and life. The unique study programme ensures you fully equip yourself to fast-track your future success. General English Skills focuses on improving your language skills through practice of real life tasks in writing, reading, listening and speaking. Maximise your learning by following the weekly study programme provided to from our carefully-selected resources.

High Flyers is a new course for teenagers, with a focus on developing strong linguistic skills as well as teaching the wider strategies students need to improve as language learners.

High Flyers follows a practical sub-skills syllabus, equipping students with strategies they can transfer to other areas of their education. The age-appropriate, 21st century life skills introduce a new dimension to language teaching. The life skills lessons ensure students not only develop academically, but also grow into considerate and confident individuals. The regular use of multimedia materials, class and homework activities on the Resource Centres ensures that your students are learning from a variety of sources.

Target - Board, Graduate students
Three level – Elementary, pre-Intermediate and Intermediate.