These are some of the testimonials given by students on Google reviews, for more type Tendulkar’s Academy on Google.

"I was really lucky to find this academy. I enrolled 8 week 1:1 sessions for business communication skills. Teacher has a deep insight in various industry, so you can learn proper expressions in a variety of work situations. He stimulates students to think in english. I'm very satisfied with a teaching method of this academy. "
- Soyoung Jeon (Market analyst in Amore pacific a South Korean national )

"We see for two things when we're going somewhere 1) Vibe of the place 2) what we can learn. This place gives more than that and the faculty, Tendulkar sir is a very intelligent teacher. I'd highly recommend if you're thinking of joining this class."
- Nachiket Parchure

"Amazing experience. Had a girl who did not know to even read A BC....today she is able to speak well and have also started understanding English well. Thank You Sir"
- Vishwa Arogyam (A therapist in an Ayurveda Centre )

"The faculty is really good, his way of teaching and giving attention to each student is nice. He covered parts of speech and tenses and other grammar portions which was a refresh for us and was very useful. Tendulkar sir has made me very confident. I would definitely recommend Tendulkar’s Academy to everyone. Thinking about overall quality of his teaching I can hardly imagine anything better. I really appreciate sir’s ways of teaching, making people speak as much as possible, making people self-confident, being friendly and open-minded, encouraging students. He is a good teacher, it helps to improve my general English level, and overall, it made me feel more confident about my English and discussing with other people."
- Asawari D

"This is one of the best institute in all over Mumbai.i would suggest those people who is facing problem while communicating in offices or in their social life , they should at least try to visit Tendulkars academy.. and am very much sure you will get confidence when you will leave place. Thanks Devesh Sir.. for helping me to improve my communication and soft skills. "
- Satish Warkar ( An Account Executive )

" Hi...from delhi , head of business & acquisition .Travelled widely and frequently.Needed Business communication Upgradation. Truly international course material .i have done a course in England two years back found the course material similar.Devesh sir, had a very long interview with me before admission. I did overall 12 modules in Business communication, all integrated modules. References are very helpful in daily business communication like to write mails and specially for telecommunication. i will strongly recommend you a training session over here. Best wishes to you all!"
-Dilip Chatwal- Senior Vice president.


Q. Can you Explain Courses in more detail ?
English courses offers time bound solutions to prepare students to perform different role in life. Therefore grammar, knowledge/references are just a part of learning. Using these skills effectively is the objective of the course. All our courses are practical and real. They are based on your needs, goals and of course your present English level. Course will help you to change adversity into advantage. Course activities will help you to deliver in real life situations. That’s the reason we named our courses English for life, English at work, English for professionals.

English for life – is a general English course, giving exposure in wide range of activities. Emphasising on increasing knowledge / references. It will be useful for interacting in social, general and work situations. Students will do l role-plays such as shopping at supermarket, likes /dislikes, discussing a cricket match, socialising in party. Students will learn grammar, small talk, role-plays, thinking activities in each of the module.

English for life has three levels - Starter, Elementary and pre-intermediate.

English at work - You should be able to explain your job skills efficiently in English. This matters the most as you need to explain your hard skills through English. Your English soft skills is tested at every moment from Greetings, to take part in discussion at meetings or explaining work to your colleague. We understand how important all this towards your career growth.
English knowledge/references and attractive personality plays an important role in social and work circuit. Therefore English at works gives you practice of regular drill as well as difficult job. Student’s practices different situation at work, with colleagues, clients and boss. They learn language needed in specific situation. Our training are as practical as possible. We also emphasized on self beliefs, discipline and personality. Students will get very friendly environment to learn and hone their skills.
We have years of experience and professionalism to understand working requirement and deliver language solutions to Corporates,Companies and Individuals. With flexible time, place,days and duration we can deliver at your convenience. Training is conducted in elementary to Advanced level. Not necessary to start from elementary level. Placement test and Counselling will help you with a right Course.

English for young learner’s - Very important that at early age our young generation establish themselves in English. Establishing in English will help them to expand their thought, confidently put across their views and have extempore conversation. This course will help school/college going students to be interactive and expressive. Students will get exposure of real life situations very early with class activity. Learning grammar, building vocabulary, phrases, situational English are in every module.
There are six levels for vernacular and weak students more emphasize on developing aspect of language. There are four level for English medium students emphasize on practicing English skills.We offer training in age to 5 to 8,9 to 12, 13 to 19 years. We teach in small groups, schools and educational institutes.

English for professionals - Sometimes while working hard we overlook essentials skills. This skills can be vital at workplace or socially. Developing these skills can increase our chances to be successful. We let you choose your module. Ex.Somebody is in Purchase dept, he would like to improve negotiation skills. Flexibile timing, can learn over internet. English for professionals is a need based course. Tailar made program for Individuals, Corporate and Companies.

Q. Why Tendulkar’s ?
Your inquiry will be attended by a counsellor not by sales professional. We will guide you for the best suitable course based on your needs. We will get you proper outlines and results you will get over a period of time. we don’t make any false promises.We explain importance of punctual, discipline and focus you towards your goal. Our principal teacher will teach or monitor your progress. We are approachable and our classes are conducted in a friendly atmosphere. Our dedicated teacher will continuously motivate and periodically evaluate your progress.

Q. Why there are so many courses ?
Our courses are based on needs and future requirement of Individuals, Students, Corporates and Companies. Its divided in General English, Business English and Young learner’s further into levels.

Q. How to choose a level ?
Counselling or language placement at class, phone or net to determine your level .

Q. How do I find time ?
Your class time can be very flexible, those who can come everyday we have regular class for them. we start early at 8 am and are open through out the day till 8 pm in the night. Then we have weekend batches on both days sat and Sunday. Also we have holiday special batches on On Sundays and bank holidays.
You can learn at the comfort of your house, avoid travelling through power learning. You can be anywhere in the world and you don’t miss your class.We give u course books, practice books and teach u online.

Q. What is the learning material do I get and do I have to pay more for it ?
Students needs class book, practice book and listening audio at each level. Now it’s included in the fees but later on we will take actual cost.

Q. How does your learning material help ?
Students book has around I/15 modules. Each modules has a specific activity like socialising for eg. students learn vocabs, phrases and references required for socialsing at same time it covers reading, listening and grammar lessons. According to your course level your activities will be basic, elementary, lower/pre/inter/upper/higher intermediate and advanced. In class activity you will practice these activities as well as expand your thought and do extempore conversation.

Q. What teaching technique/method you apply ?
Our teaching goal is towards English Fluency of each and everyone. Clearly and effective Communication. For this our approach are practical. Our support and learning material are latest. Teaching is simple and methods are innovative. Friendly, encouraging learning environment, Continuously monitors outcome. Learn and practice approach. Confidence building excercises, problem solving sessions,personality grooming tips are part of teaching activities.

Q. What’s the batch size ?
Working professionals of same post or students of same class can be of 20 to 35.People of different background but at same language level then anywhere between 2 to 8 students.One to One For Individual needs.

Q. How do I choose a course ?
You choose a course depends on your learning need. If you are students then your English will be a tool for the futher.You need English for academics,socialisings,intellecutal progress. So you have young learners course.Like wise for general needs, you take English for life. For Work and business you take English at work or English for professionals.

Q. Do I have to pay once ?
We have payment options like one time, equal instalments. You can pay cheque, cash or online transfers.

Q. Will I improve Or will I speak in English ?
Of course you will. Imagine yourself in a class, sincere towards your learning objective. Practising your skills, solving difficulties, following teacher’s instruction. Just imagine how confident you will be, all your hesitation, negativity will be gone. We help students to build attitude, we know its along process. We have patience and so do you too have to be patient. As long you are serious you are developing in English. Every day you will have different English activity to hone skills, encouraging environment,helpful teachers, latest resources now you have to keep on trying. Our students progress is not only students achievement but it’s our as well. It’s very proud feeling when students step out from their comfort zone and improves.

Q. When do u start a new Batch ?
You don’t have to wait as soon as we get same level two/three students we start a course and accordingly batch is form.

Q. What is the Admission procedure ?
It’s simple Registration followed by admission fees.

Q. Are fees Refundable ?
No, once your course starts, fees are not refundable. You can cancel admission and get 50% refund before course starts.

Q. What if I travel outstation for few days, will I miss your class ?
We will sorry but for other students we have to continue teaching therefore you will miss those lectures. However by paying on an hour basis you can relearn the lessons.

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