General English

The ultimate aim of most students is to communicate in English. English for life provides plenty of oppurtinities to learn, improve and practice English. To acheive this students get continuous motivation and support. Elementary to Intermediate level has 3 Courses of total 6 mnths. Students at lower level go on to next level with real confidence as they have solid grounding at that level. Practical English lessons introduces students to real life situations to hone their interactive skills.

Tendulkar’s English for life - is a general English course for adults and young adults who want to learn to communicate quickly and effectively in today’s world. Tendulkar’s English for life is based on the communicative approach. It combines the best in current methodology with special new features designed to make learning easier. The syllabus integrates the learning of new language with skills development and places equal emphasis on vocabulary and grammar. Tendulkar’s English for life uses a guided discovery approach to learning, first allowing students to check what they know, then helping them to work out the rules for themselves through carefully structured examples and concept questions. Innovative Help with Listening sections help students to understand natural spoken English in context and there are numerous opportunities for communicative, personalised speaking practice in Tendulkar’s English for life. The Real World lessons in each unit focus on the functional and situational language students need for day-to-day life. The Tendulkar’s English for life Course provides over 120 hours learning program divided in 3 Levels. Each level gives you plenty of opportunities to develop your English skills.

Our approach
Functional and Situational Language
Tendulkar’s English for life - Places great emphasis on the functional and situational language students need to use immediately in their daily lives. Each unit introduces and practises this language in a variety of situations. Typical functions and situations include:
Functions : apologies, asking for opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, invitations, making arrangements.
Situations : at a hotel, in a shop, on the phone, at a party.

A typical listening practice activity checks understanding of gist and then asks questions about specific details. Activities in these sections: highlight how intonation conveys mood and feelings
• Prepare students for what people in public places say.
• Raise awareness of features of informal spoken English.

Provide students with numerous speaking opportunities. Many of these activities focus on accuracy, while the fluency activities help students to gain confidence, take risks and try out what they have learned.

Reading and Writing
Reading texts from a wide variety of genres are used both to present new language and to provide reading practice. In addition there are a number of writing activities,which consolidate the language input of the lesson.

We recognise the importance of vocabulary in successful communication. Learning New words and phrases is usually followed by communicative practice of the new vocabulary.

Grammar is a central strand in our syllabus and new grammar structures are always introduced in context in a listening or a reading text. We believe students are more likely to understand and remember new language if they have actively tried to work out the rules for themselves.

English for life – level 1
This is for students who have very little knowledge of the English language and who wish to learn to speak and write more.
• Duration-40 sessions.(TWO MONTHS)

English for life - Level 2
This is for students who have some knowledge of the English language but who still have problems with basic grammar and little confidence in using English.
• Duration - 40 sessions. (TWO MONTHS)

English for life - level 3
This is for students who have a good knowledge of the English language but who still make frequent mistakes so that there are regular misunderstandings.
Duration - 40 sessions. (TWO MONTHS)

Tendulkar’s English for life - All Levels, Duration - Six months.

An innnovative Courses for students who wants to develop their communication skills. Do you have difficulty to express even though you know English?Then this is the right course of you. You will get motivating environment, where you can express yourself freely and Develop your skills.Language is a life skill so speak confidently at work and socially.

Schedule - Every week for 2hrs, anytime that suits you or Batches on Sundays.