English at Work

Tendulkar’s English at work is a Business English Course, it aims to improve students’ ability to communicate in English in a wide range of business situations. The course will develop the communication skills needed to succeed in business and will enlarge knowledge of the business world. Students will become more fluent and confident in using the language of business and this should increase their career prospects whether in India or elsewhere.

Course Outline :

Unit 1 You & your Company Introducing yourself & company Giving personal information Socializing Describing leisure activities Presentation presenting a company
Unit 2 Travel Telephoning: making arrangements Making polite conversation
Unit 3 Away on business Giving directions Formal & informal mails Advice to travellers Recommending & Suggestions
Unit 4 Visiting a Company Socialising: introductions and networking Welcoming Visitors Writing an e-mail of thank Presentation-tour of your Company

Likewise there will be 12 to 15 units in each module at each level exploring and practicing different situations. Students with good general ability can start learning at pre-intermediate level then advance to intermediate and upper-intermediate levels of business English communication.
With us, you have flexibility& convenience of learning individually or in batches.
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Tendulkar’s English for Professionals

Tendulkar’s English for professionals has been developed specifically for people who works in an English environment and who needs to communicate in a variety of situations with colleague, clients and business partners.It supplies you with the target vocabulary and commonly used expressions that are essential to communication whether you work as a Fresher or at a Senior position in your Company.

Tendulkar’s English for professionals will cover a range of subject associated with your industry, focusing on your language needs.

Sometimes while working hard we overlook essentials skills. This skills can be vital at workplace or socially.Developing these skills can increase our chances to be successful. We let u choose your module. Ex. Somebody is in Purchase dept, he would like to improve negotiation skills. Flexible timing, can learn over internet. English for professionals is a need based course. Tailar made program for Individuals, Corporate and Companies.