Tendulkar’s E-Learning

Power learning will now enable English learner’s to have face to face interaction at their convenience with their favourite language teacher. Do the same activities as in classroom sitting far off from the centers.We will constantly support you language needs.

Face-to-Face | Online Virtual Classroom | Guided online learning

• Study online programme at home, under our guidance.
• Upload tasks to demonstrate learning. Receive feedback from your teacher.
• Discuss with your teacher and classmates via internet.
• Attend a virtual class each week. Interact, ask questions, listen to explanations and complete exercises.
• Attend face-to-face classes, for orientation, giving presentations, discussions and to celebrate your progress.
Take a placement test with us and continue towards your Goal.

Online Virtual Classroom | Guided online learning Face-to-Face
We believe the key to your language process is to maximise the time you spend engaging in real communication with our qualified teaching professionals.

More flexibility, greater choice
You select the class date, time, topic and even teacher online according to your preference and schedule. What’s more, you can also change your selection up to 24 hours before the class starts.

Whether booking lessons, accessing interactive resources or measuring your progress, everything you need to manage your learning is available through your personal online myClass profile.

Value for money
You choose the course package according to your budget and language needs. Buy more and pay less.

Power Plus
You will get once in a month meet up with your teacher for a year.

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